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Tip of the Day

Playing a Low Hook

Sometimes you are put in a position on the course that requires you to attempt a shot that is somewhat out of the ordinary. The low hook is a shot that can be very handy given the right situation. Here’s how to play this shot:

Set up with a slightly wider stance than normal and position the ball slightly back of center. Aim your feet, hips and shoulders squarely, but to the right of the target. Take the club back low and wide along the line of your feet.

Regulate the amount of hook by how much you toe-in the club at address, not by manipulating the clubhead with the hands. Work the ball with your big muscles. Most amateurs aim too far to the right, get very steep on the backswing and too vertical on the downswing. The net result is often a fat shot. Instead, feel as if you’re making a sweeping motion with the club

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