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Tip of the Day

Right Hand Only Chip Shot Drill Teaches You To Strike The Ball More Consistently

One way to learn how to strike the ball more consistently is the “right-hand-only chip-shot” drill. This is a drill that is routinely used to teach “Natural Golfers” how to consistently strike the ball, but which can also be used by any golfer to improve their consistency and gain a better feel through impact. Here is how the drill works:

1. Hold the club in your right hand

2. Stand with the ball in the center of your stance with your knees, hips and shoulders parallel to the target line

3. Swing the club back and fully extend or “cock” the right wrist until the shaft is parallel to the ground

4. Holding that extended position, or wrist angle, of the right hand, move the club forward to the ball and hit a short shot of five to 10 yards. (It is very important that you maintain the angle of the wrist extension in this drill)

After you strike the ball, hold your position and check the following: 1. the palm of your right hand should be pointed at the target 2. The right arm should be straight (for Natural Golfers this is very important to ensure that they had full extension at impact) 3. your right wrist should still be cocked 4. your left knee should be flexed while your head should be back over your right knee 5. your knees, hips and shoulders should be parallel to the target line

Practice this drill 10 – 15 times. It will teach you to stay focused on the ball, to feel as if you are throwing the ball, underhand, toward the target with your right hand and it will keep you steady throughout the shot. By keeping all of your body parts moving toward the target, you will teach yourself to hit more consistent, accurate shots.

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