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Tip of the Day

On-course practice

It never hurts to practice on the course. One of the best ways to get in some practice work is to go out alone in the evening or at other times when the course is not crowded and play two or three balls.

Practice playing from different situations. This is a good time to practice those fairway bunker shots or those shots from the rough and other areas that you can?t practice on the range.

You can even create your own scramble by playing three balls and hitting the best of them, a game that can tell you a lot about your potential. Or, you can play the worst shots which will tell you what you need to work on. You can also play a two-man competition against yourself by hitting two balls all the way around and keeping score.

Whatever routine you choose, practicing on the course is a vital step in bridging the gap between the practice tee and the actual round.

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