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Tip of the Day

Hitting Consistent, Controlled and Accurate Chip Shots

A chip shot is designed to be a low-flying, long-rolling shot that is usually hit from close to the green. The goal is to attempt to land the ball just on the green and get it immediately to start rolling toward the hole.

The most difficult part of any chip shot is the club selection.

Your choice of clubs will be dictated by how your ball is lying on the ground and by how far you must hit it in the air in order for it to land on the green.

If you watch as the Pro's setup for a chip shot you will notice that many of them use their putting grip for their chip shots. I recommend, for any golfer, that when you line up for a chip shot you follow these basic fundamentals:

1. Use a palm grip while choking down on the club (for anyone playing Natural Golf, simply use your regular grip and be sure to assume the simplified straight line setup)

2. Narrow the stance of your feet so that they are close together and align yourself slightly open to, or left of, the target line.

3. Position the ball toward the back of your stance and make sure that your hands are in front of the ball. This should put your right wrist (for right handed players) in an extended, or cocked, position, eliminating the need to further cock the wrist on the backswing.

4. Distribute your weight toward your front side.

5. Now, adjust your shoulders so that they are tilted in such a way that you can take a more upright backswing and a steeper angle into the ball on the downswing (this will help get the ball in the air faster).

6. Keep your hands "passive." Focus on your forearms coming through the ball.

7. Maintain a firm left wrist through the impact zone. Do not "slap" at the ball.

8. Keep the palm of your right hand going toward the target. As if you were tossing a ball underhand.

By following these steps and learning the proper distance for each club, you will improve your consistency around the green and you should be able to shave 3 - 4 strokes off your score

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