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Tip of the Day

Let a Clock Teach You Distance

For many golfers, one of the most difficult things to do is to visualize different aspects of your swing. One "technique" however, that I have used for years to teach golfers distances is a clock.

I tell golfers to imagine the dial of a clock and then learn to control the distance of their short game shots by "telling time."

I will, for example, have golfers practice with their sand wedge. I will tell them to hit 10 shots at 12 o'clock. Then, we will measure the distance that those shots go. Next, I will have the same golfer hit 10 shots at 11 o'clock. Then we measure those distances. I continue the exercise until we have worked our way down to about 8 o'clock.

It seems that by picturing the dial of a clock and associating distances with various times, golfers tend to learn how to control their distances quicker.

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