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Tip of the Day

Simplify the Putting Stroke for Improved Accuracy

The Natural Golf System has developed a method for simplifying the putting stroke that is used by literally millions of golfers, not just Natural Golfers. The simplified putting stroke begins with a reverse-overlap conventional putting grip (Natural Golfers take things one step further by employing the Palm Grip to increase stability and control).

What this does is it forces you to begin your putting routine by placing the putter in your right hand first.

With the putter in your right hand you will find that it is easier to align the face of your putter with the target (this will be even easier if you employ a Palm Grip).

Now, as you take your putting stroke, forget about the ball. Just focus on the palm of your hand as it moves directly at the target. This should feel as if you are tossing a softball underhand.

Practice this 10 - 15 times. Your goal is to get to a point where you just concentrate on your palm and forget about where the ball is going, how fast, etc. Remember, you don't think about all that when you toss a softball do you?

NOTE: There is one more thing that can help you simplify putting even more?installing square grips on your clubs. Many people fail to realize that the Rules of Golf allow for square grips to be installed on your putter. Now, you can feel how the putter is aligned because the flat sides of the putter grip will be aligned perfectly with the putter face.

PGA Champion and TV Golf Commentator Bob Rosburg provided today?s tip. For years, Bob Rosburg has been an advocate and vocal supporter of the Natural Golf System. Click Here to learn more about Natural Golf and how it can help you simplify the game of golf and how it is guaranteed to help you lower your handicap

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