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Tip of the Day

No Fat Shots!

Let?s make things simple: if you?re hitting fat shots, your swing is bottoming out too early. The golf swing is essentially U-shaped and the bottom of your U is occurring before the ball, causing you to hit the ground first.

You?re chunking it. Chili-dipping it. Laying the sod over it. Hitting the big ball before the little ball. (The big ball is Mother Earth, by the way.)

Tour pros? swings are exactly the opposite. Their swings bottom out after the ball. They hit the ball first as the clubhead is descending, then take a shallow divot. Here?s a drill to help you do the same: on the practice tee, put a tee in the ground an inch or an inch and a half in front of the ball. Sink it into the ground about as deeply as you would if you were teeing up a 4-iron on a long par 3. When you swing, your goal is to hit the ball and knock the tee out of the ground. With some practice, you?ll soon be hitting the ball first and then taking a shallow divot. You?ll strike the ball much more crisply and solidly, and notice dramatic improvements in both distance and accuracy.

To cure yourself of fat shots place a tee in the ground an inch or so in front of your ball.

Try to hit the ball and then knock the tee out of the ground. This will move the bottom of your swing forward-and reduce the likelihood of hitting a fat shot

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