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Tip of the Day

Reducing Over-Control

Everyone needs good swing mechanics, I believe there are only a few mechanics of golf that anyone who hopes to play well must first master. If you haven't already done so, you must learn,

for instance, how to hold and aim the club, and how to align yourself to the ball and the target. If a pro has some great, mystical secret that the average golfer lacks, apart from a sound grip and address position, its his or her ability to produce a golf swing that is relatively free from tension and over-control. When I'm on the course I relate to the overall rhythm of my swing, instead of the various swing parts. I think about what I want to achieve with the shot, rather than how to achieve it. I aim the club, visualize how the ball will look in flight , and then merely swing.

Over-control is a tension producing, distance reducing, disease that you should know about because it afflicts all golfers to some degree. Over-control in your golf swing is any action you make that inhibits the natural movement of the clubhead. There are a number of types of over-control; swinging faster than your natural rhythm, tightening of your grip, shoving or pushing rather than swinging with your arms, restricting your turn, blocking your hips, scooping, stiffening your leg(s), and swaying to mention just a few. Every time you over-control your swing , you do so because of some form of anxiety or fear, conscious or subconscious. Eliminate the anxiety and you dispel the tendency to over-control. Unfortunately, it happens too often that the more experience you gain in golf, the more you start thinking about various parts of your swing. You make a nice smooth practice swing because all you're doing is loosening up. But when you stand over the ball and think about all the things you should do - and all the things you shouldn't do, you become mentally fearful that you won't do everything just right, which makes you physically tense. By the time you finall y get around to moving the clubhead away from the ball, you've primed your subconscious into forcing you to make some sort of over-control. Eliminate the anxiety and you dispel the tendency to over-control.

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