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Tip of the Day

Low Drives - Smothered Shots

With the driver, fairway woods, and long irons, the ball is struck solidly, yet barely gets off the ground. The club strikes the ball in a closed position, decreasing the effective loft of the clubface. Common Causes: Improper grip, ball teed too low (driver), ball position too far back in stance, and hands too far ahead at address. Curing smothered shots: Golfers who consistently hit low or 'smothered' shots are decreasing the natural built-in loft of the club being used. Check your grip and address in the following manner.

Low drives and smothered shots are caused by the club striking the ball in a closed or hooded position. Too strong a grip can smother a shot. At impact, the hands and wrists rotate counter-clockwise and close the clubface.

With a strong grip, three or four knuckles of the left hand are visible at address. Correct with the 'two knuckle' rule. Tee up the ball so that one-half the ball is above the clubhead.

Check your setup. Play the ball off your left heel for the driver and 1" to 2" inside the left heel for long irons.

Position your hands so that the shaft and left arm form a straight line to the ball.

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