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Tip of the Day

The 'Texas Wedge

The putter or so-called 'Texas wedge' is usually the safest club to use when your ball is just off the green. Using a putter in this situation will give more consistent results than hitting a 9 iron or pitching wedge. The slightest miscue with the higher-lofted clubs will result in the ball being 'flubbed' an embarrassing foot or two. Your worst putt will generally be as good as your best chip. There are situations when you can use the Texas wedge from well off the green. If there's short, closely cropped fringe, you can hit the putter from a considerable distance. Depending on the lie, the putter can be used from greenside bunkers providing there is no lip to contend with. Use your imagination!

Putting from just off the green is more consistent than pitching or chipping. Pick a spot on the target line and set up square to that point.

Play your normal putting stroke. Stroke the putter crisply and slightly downward into the ball.

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