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Tip of the Day


Most players that hit the ball to the right (or slice) fail to get the clubface square to the intended target upon impact. First, remember 90% of shots that go right are caused by the clubface being open as the club is striking the ball. Good players release or turn the clubface over as they swing the club through the impact area, while average players slow down through the hitting area, causing the clubface to stay open as they hit the ball. This will result in shots always going to the right of their intended target.

To eliminate slicing, or shots that take off straight right;

practice the following:

As you swing the club down from the top of your back swing, roll your hands over, as you swing the club through the hitting area. This will have your right hand moving over your left, if you are a right-handed golfer. (See the below illustration) It is very important that you do not "slow down" this motion to make sure you hit the ball. You should immediately feel the club head moving faster than when you normally swing. This increase in speed is happening because you are allowing the hands to release through the hitting area.

As you practice this move your shots may start to hook, (or go to the left). If this is the case it's just a matter of hitting balls to groove the proper rotation of the hands through the hitting area. If the ball goes left, slow the rolling motion down and if the ball goes to the right, speed the rolling motion up. Remember if the clubface is square at impact, and the hands are turning the club head over, it's impossible to hit the ball to the right.

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