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Tip of the Day

It All Starts With The Proper

Many players don't give themselves a chance to make a good "golf swing" because they start with a poor set-up. First, remember that prior to the takeaway, the proper set-up allows you to swing the club into the correct position at all points of your golf swing. A poor set-up almost always prevents a golfer from returning the club to the proper position through the impact zone, which eliminates power and accuracy during the swing.

A player shouldn't have their hands are too far forward or the ball positioned too far back in the stance. This will result in the player being unable to square the clubface upon impact, causing the hands not to release properly. The clubface will remain open and the ball will travel to right of its intended target.

A player's set-up is correct when the ball is positioned forward, toward the left heal, and the hands are directly even with the ball. From this position the player can return the club head to a square position upon impact allowing for a straight and solid shot.

The correct set-up includes the following:

1. Start with your feet shoulder with apart and your weight evenly distributed. Position the ball directly off your left heel (for right handed golfers) with your woods. For long and medium irons play the ball slightly back (2 or 3 inches back toward the center of your stance) and with short irons play the ball in the center of your stance. Always feel your hands are centered in front of your body.

2. Have your feet pointing in a straight line toward the target. This will allow you to swing the club straight down the target-line.

As you practice using the proper set-up you should start to "feel" the club head return to its original position when you swing through the impact zone. This will result in longer and straighter golf shots on a consistent basis.

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