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Tip of the Day

Consistency at Impact is a Fundamental Key

Among the many swing fundamentals, it could be argued that your body position at impact is one of the most important. Just watch a PGA Tour event and you will notice many different styles of taking the club back to the load position.

However, if you could freeze frame on the same pros and view their bodies at the impact position, they would look very similar.

Here is a checklist of things to keep in mind with regard to body position at impact:

a) The hips are from 10-45 degrees open and ahead of the shoulders

b) The shoulders are square, or parallel to the target line? or 20 degrees open depending on the individual

c) The right elbow is in front of the right hip

d) The hands are forward of the ball position

e) The right knee is pointed inside the line created by the toes

f) The right heel should be slightly off the ground

g) 90% of the weight is on the left side

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