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Tip of the Day

Don't Hold Back

Many beginning players tend to hold back as they swing down and through the ball, leaving weight on their right foot (for a right-handed player). A lot of golfers have the idea that if they limit the range of motion and guide the club through the ball, that they will have more success hitting the ball toward the target. This mindset severely limits the amount of power that can be generated in the golf swing as well as compromising direction.

To maximize the power and consistency of the golf swing, players cannot hold back on the down swing. A good mental image to have for hitting the golf ball, is that of a baseball pitcher when throwing a pitch. The pitcher winds the body up with the weight on the back leg, then makes a smooth transition stepping forward while planting the front leg, the arm gaining speed, which flings across the body. The back leg is then pulled forward by the momentum of the body.

Try using this mental image to help you wind up into the back side in the back swing. Let the momentum of the arms, club, and hips pull you forward to a full finish with your belt buckle, chest and eyes facing the target.

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