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Tip of the Day

Loss of Balance - Spinning Out

Loss of balance during the follow-through is often referred to as 'spinning out' of the shot. In order to prevent falling forward after impact, the golfer takes a quick step with his or her right foot towards the target. Slices and pulled shots usually result from this type of swing error. Common Causes: Lateral head sway, overreaching for the ball - weight on the toes, failure to keep weight inside, raising the right heel prematurely.

Loss of balance is caused by lateral head movement towards the target. The golfer 'spins out' of the shot causing the ball to slice or pull. The head is the center or fulcrum of the swing. Avoid excessive head movement by anchoring the swing around the chin.

Do not over reach for the ball. Set up with the arms hanging naturally from the body, knees flexed and back slightly bent.

If you overreach for the ball, your weight will be on your toes. Keep your weight to the inside, and centered on your feet.

Delay the rise of your right heel. Instead of lifting your right heel, try rolling the ankles, pushing off the right heel on the downswing.

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