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Tip of the Day

Jerky Swing

A jerky swing is often difficult to self-diagnose. Many times, your golf partners may comment on the problem by telling you that you have 'lunged' at the shot or that your swing is 'too fast'. Trying to 'kill' the ball is probably the most common expression.

Common Causes: Trying for maximum distance, tension, and over-swinging.

Cure: Golfers who are prone to a 'jerky' swing would do well to remember two fundamental rules:

1. Contacting the ball squarely is as important as clubhead speed for distance.

2. The slower the backswing, the greater the distance a ball will fly.

Start your swing with a waggle and forward press. This eliminates a frozen, static start to the swing.

Take the club back slowly and deliberately. Keep your shoulders and forearms loose and relaxed.

Concentrate on hitting it square, staying well within your capabilities. Avoid the urge to 'kill' the ball. When practicing, work on a smooth, fluid swing finishing with a high classic finish.

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