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Tip of the Day

Steepen Your Angle of Attack for More Consistent Iron Play

Have you ever noticed that Tour pros tend to take divots on nearly every iron shot, while many amateurs only take divots when they hit an iron shot fat? The reason is that the tour pro?s swing has a steeper angle of attack, and the clubface strikes the ball first, then takes a divot after the ball is long gone.

Many weekend players, however, take a more shallow, sweeping angle of attack. The next time you head to the practice tee, try this drill. Place the majority of your weight on your front foot, lifting the heel of your rear foot off the ground. Hit a few easy 7-irons. You?ll notice that your angle of attack is steep and it?s much easier to make crisper contact, striking the ball first. Remember this drill the next time you?re not striking the ball as crisply as you?d like.

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