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Joke of the Day

A man and his his wife were playing golf one day at their local course, everything was running smoothly until the couple got to the 16th hole. The man had sliced his tee shot behind a little shelter whereas the lady had hit a beautiful drive straight down the fairway. The couple both studied the position of the man's ball and the woman realized that there was a way he could get the ball to the fringe of the green.

She said "You could hit it through the back door and then through the front door."

It would be hard but he was confident he could do it. The man took out his 3 iron and whacked his ball which, to his shock, rebounded off the frame of the door came back and hit his wife on the forehead and killed her. Exactly a year later, at exactly the same hole the same man was playing a round of golf with his friend. He hit the exact same shot as a year ago.

His friend said "You could hit it through the back door and then through the front door".

The man replied "NO WAY! I played that shot last year and had to settle for a 5!"


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